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                                    CHAIRMAN                                     CLUB CAPTAIN

2017-2018                  Andy Walters                                    Alastair Walters

2015-2016                  Andy Walters                                    Martin Weightman                

2014                            Brian Wilkins                                    Alex Turner

2013                            Brian Wilkins                                    Alastair Walters

2012                            Rick Smith                                         Richard Harris res. (Alastair Walters)

2011                            Rick Smith                                          Richard Harris

2010                            Rick Smith                                          Simon Roberts

2008-2009                  Brian Wilkins                                       Simon Roberts

2007                            Brian Wilkins                                      Richard Wyld

2006                            Brian Wilkins                                      Dave Lucas

2005                            Brian Wilkins                                      Derek Tate

2004                            Brian Wilkins                                      Dave Lucas

2003                            Brian Wilkins                                      Mathew Dowman

2002                            Brian Wilkins                                      Richard Bates

2001                            Brian Wilkins                                      Bobby Chapman

2000                            Brian Wilkins                                      Richard Harrison

1998-1999                  Harold Elliott                                       Richard Harrison

1997                            Edgar Pepper                                     Richard Harrison

1996                            Edgar Pepper                                     Andy Walters

1995                            Reg Pashley                                       Andy Walters

1994                            Reg Pashley                                       Steve Lambourne

1992-1993                  Reg Pashley                                        Andy Walters

1990-1991                  Reg Pashley                                        Pete Fairhall

1988-1989                  Reg Pashley                                        John Pirt

1987                            Edgar Pepper                                      Pete Fairhall

1985-1986                  Edgar Pepper                                       Andy Walters   

1982-1984                  Edgar Pepper                                       Jeff Kemp

1981                            Edgar Pepper                                      John Pirt

1980                            Edgar Pepper                                      Dennis Kemp

1978-1979                  Reg Pashley                                        Kevin Thorpe

1977                            Edgar Pepper                                      Kevin Thorpe

1975-1976                  Edgar Pepper                                       Dennis Kemp

1974                            Edgar Pepper                                      Kevin Thorpe

1972-1973                  John Murden                                       Kevin Thorpe  

1971                            John Murden                                      Dennis Kemp

1959-1970                  John Murden                                       Kevin Thorpe

1958                            unknown                                             Edgar Pepper

1957                            unknown                                             Arthur Dabell

1956                            unknown                                             Arthur Dabell

1955                            unknown                                             unknown

1954                            unknown                                             Harold Elliott

1953                            unknown                                             Chas Jones

1952                            unknown                                             Chas Jones

1949-1951                  John Murden                                      Chas Jones

1948                            John Murden                                      John Allen

1940-1947  WORLD WAR II

1928-1939                  Lt Col Percy Clifton                             unknown

1925-1927                  Henry Haynes                                     unknown

1920-1924                  Lt Col Percy Clifton                             unknown

1919                            W Chetwynd                                       S Jackson

1918                            Sir Hervey Bruce                                S Jackson

1917                            Henry Haynes                                    S Jackson

1916                            W Chetwynd                                       S Jackson

1915                            Sir Hervey Bruce                                S Jackson

1914                            Henry Haynes                                    A Butler

1913                            Henry Haynes                                    C Jackson

1911-1912                  Dr Rosslyn Bruce                               C Jackson

1910                            Henry Haynes                                    C Jackson

1908-1909                  Sir Hervey Bruce                                S Jackson

1907                            Henry Haynes                                    unknown

1897-1906                  Sir Hervey Bruce                                unknown

1896                            Henry Haynes                                    unknown

1885-1895                  Henry Robert Clifton                          unknown

1884                            Henry Robert Clifton                        JC Prior